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1.1 Equipment Type.  

This procedure provides a method for determining the seasonal energy performance of air-source, split heat pump systems designed to provide residential hot water service using an outdoor unit with a separate indoor storage tank, with or without electric resistance back-up heating capacity. The test and rating procedures contained in this document are load-based performance tests, conducted under a set of outdoor ambient and cold water supply temperature conditions that enable the calculation of a seasonal performance rating in up to eight climate zones.

1.2 These procedures apply to

a) source split heat pump systems that use either refrigerant or water/brine solution between the outdoor unit and the indoor storage tank:
i) with rated storage tank volumes of 7.6 to 454 L (2 to 120 US gal);
ii) having electric heater elements with power inputs ≤ 12 kW;
iii) designed to heat and store water at a thermostatically controlled temperature equal to or less than 82 ºC (180 ºF);
iv) with a maximum current rating of ≤  62.5 A; (including the compressor and all auxiliary equipment such as fans, pumps, controls, and, if on the same circuit, any electric resistance elements)
v) A maximum wattage rating ≤ 15kW; and
vi) a single-phase maximum voltage of ≤ 250 V.

This procedure is written in SI units. The IP values given in parentheses are for information only.

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