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Designation:C22.2 NO. 63092-1
Review start date:Nov 15, 2023
Review end date:Jan 14, 2024
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
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Draft Scope/Description:

CAN/CSA-IEC 63092-1 specifies BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaic) module requirements while CAN/CSA-IEC 63092-2 specifies BIPV system requirements. Both parts specify building requirements and the 
applicable electrotechnical requirements (both in general and specific with respect to module assembly and application category). 

This document applies to photovoltaic modules used as building products. It focuses on the properties of these photovoltaic modules relevant to basic building requirements and the applicable electro-technical requirements. This document references international standards, technical reports and guidelines. For some applications, national standards (or regulations) for building products may also apply in individual countries, which are not explicitly referenced herein and for which harmonized International Standards are not yet available. 

The document is addressed to manufacturers, planners, system designers, installers, testing institutes and building authorities. 

This document does not apply to concentrating photovoltaic modules. 

This document addresses requirements on the BIPV modules in the specific ways they are intended to be mounted but not the mounting structure itself, which is within the scope of CAN/CSA-IEC 63092-2. 

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