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Review start date:Sep 15, 2023
Review end date:Nov 14, 2023
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
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This Standard specifies the requirements for distribution transformers with the exception of those distribution transformers that are covered by CSA C2.2, C227.3, and C227.4.

Note: The operation of transformers complying with this Standard by other than an electric utility may be subject to additional requirements by the electrical inspection authority having jurisdiction

This Standard applies to single‑ and three‑phase, 60 Hz, liquid‑filled distribution transformers rated at 1000 kVA or below for single phase and at 3000 kVA or below for three phase, up to 34.5 kV system nominal voltage.

This Standard includes voltage ratings, kVA ratings, certain mechanical characteristics, and test procedures. Also included are the following performance characteristics: energy efficiency (in accordance with CAN/CSA‑C802.1), temperature rise, loading capabilities, sound level, and radio influence voltage (RIV).

This Standard also applies to self‑protected transformers, with the exception of the protective equipment.

Except as specified by other CSA Standards, this Standard does not apply to auto‑, testing, dry‑type, welding, furnace, rectifier, network, or subway type transformers, or special‑purpose transformers, or to step‑voltage regulators.

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