Draft Details

Contact name:Anahita Jami
Review start date:Feb 1, 2023
Review end date:Apr 2, 2023
Contact email:kelly.yaremko(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

1.1   Applications

This standard applies to devices meeting the following conditions:

stationary packaged systems designed for single family residential and small commercial applications;

mCHP fuel gas devices including different prime mover/generator types (e.g., steam, organic Rankine cycle, fuel cell and ICE);

mCHP devices fueled with gaseous fuels including natural gas, renewable natural gas (biogas), natural gas blends (e.g., natural gas blended with up to 20% hydrogen), and propane;

mCHP with net AC electrical output less than 10 kW; and

mCHP with useful thermal output less than 85 kW.

1.2   Test Details

This standard covers:

performance testing at cold outdoor temperature;

testing part load efficiencies (including below 50% electrical output);

testing the performance, indoor versus outdoor unit installation; and

flue gas waste heat recovery.

1.3   Terminology

In this Standard, “shall” is used to express a requirement, i.e., a provision that the user is obliged to satisfy in order to comply with the standard; “should” is used to express a recommendation or that which is advised but not required; and “may” is used to express an option or that which is permissible within the limits of the Standard.

Notes accompanying clauses do not include requirements or alternative requirements; the purpose of a note accompanying a clause is to separate from the text explanatory or informative material.

Notes to tables and figures are considered part of the table or figure and may be written as requirements.

Annexes are designated normative (mandatory) or informative (non-mandatory) to define their application.

1.4   Units of measure

The values given in SI units are the units of record for the purposes of this Standard. The values given in parentheses are for information and comparison only.

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