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Designation:CSA N287.0
Contact name:Cherie Zou
Review start date:Oct 21, 2022
Review end date:Dec 20, 2022
Contact email:thuy.ton(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

The scope of this Commentary parallels the scope of each Standard addressed. It covers all of the CSA N287 series Standards, as shown in Clause 1.2 below.

This Commentary refers to sources of material that were used during the formulation of some of the requirements in these Standards and may include:

i) concrete construction industry practice or experience;

ii) engineering or safety analysis;

iii) research or test programs;

iv) nuclear plant Operating Experience (OPEX); and

v) good engineering judgment.

Within the various CSA N287 committees, minutes of technical committee meetings and Requests for interpretation (RFI) have also been surveyed to identify topics that merit coverage in this document.

The development of each Standard through significant changes in the various editions is part of the history as explained in this Commentary.

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