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Review start date:Aug 25, 2022
Review end date:Oct 24, 2022
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
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1.1 General

This Standard provides a minimum requirement for development and reporting of a natural asset inventory. The Standard is designed to be sufficiently flexible that it can be applied in any jurisdictional context.  It can also be used to include not only natural assets within a given jurisdictional boundary, but also those in adjacent jurisdictions that provide important services.

This Standard provides:

a. Definitions for terms that are routinely used in the development of natural asset inventories

b. Minimum requirements for natural asset inventories, including:

Data gathering and processing requirements

Inventory structure requirements

Documentation requirements, and

Requirements for maintaining and continually improving a natural asset inventory

c. Although not mandated by this Standard, minimum requirements for completing a condition assessment for natural assets are provided should the user(s) decide to complete one.

This Standard is intended to be implemented in alignment with the asset management approach for built infrastructure of the jurisdictions having authority and/or recognized regional, national or international practices, including ISO 55001, Asset Management – Management Systems – Requirements.

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