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Contact name:Mahmood Nesheli
Review start date:Aug 3, 2022
Review end date:Sep 2, 2022
Contact email:kelly.yaremko(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

1.1 Inclusions

The Connected & Automated Vehicle (CAV) guidance document for Digital Infrastructure includes infrastructure guidance for CAVs operating or intended to operate on municipal roads, provincial open access highways, closed-access Provincial highways and express toll routes (ETRs). Examples of CAV Road Users considered operating within this environment include commercial vehicles, transit vehicles, private passenger vehicles (including but not limited to personal, car-pooling, ride-share, or car-share/rental vehicles) and Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) that include, but not limited to, pedestrians with/without accessibility equipment, appliances and/or smart mobility, cyclists, and micro-mobility vehicles.

The document is intended to primarily address issues related to public safety, security, and privacy in conjunction with detailed knowledge of the legal, regulatory, and technological landscape, and ensuring compliance with all relevant and applicable law.

1.2 Exclusions

This document does not provide specific guidance around issues concerning accessibility (addressed in a separate CSA study [CSA 1]), micromobility, complete streets, VRUs and data governance.



1.3 Terminology

This Document contains no requirements. In this Document, “should” is used to express a recommendation or that which is advised but not required; and “may” is used to express an option or that which is permissible within the limits of the Document.

1.4 Units of measure

The values given in SI units are the units of record for the purposes of these Guidelines. The values given in parentheses are for information and comparison only.

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