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Contact name:Andrea Holbeche
Review start date:Dec 23, 2021
Review end date:Feb 21, 2022
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1.1 General

This Standard, following the principles set out in CSA Z45001, specifies requirements for

establishing and maintaining a WAH management system in accordance with OHSMS principles;

the roles and responsibilities of the organization, supervisor, and the workers;

management of contractors;

establishing the parameters of types of work at heights;

hazard identification and risk assessment related to work at heights; and

management and control of hazards and risk relating to work at heights, including

development of general safety procedures for work performed at heights;

personal protective equipment (PPE) and apparel used for work at heights;

health and safety monitoring systems for work at heights;

emergency rescue plan development and implementation; 

training for work at heights; and

determining fitness for work at heights.


This standard recognizes that a fall from any height may cause physical injury to a worker. While local regulations may stipulate minimum heights at which fall protection systems must be used including the regulation of maximum free fall distances and the prevention of falling into or onto hazardous substances, objects or surfaces regardless of working height; notwithstanding the exclusions in clause 1.3, this standard applies to the management of all work at heights in the workplace. 


NOTE: While this Standard does not indicate a specific height when a WAH management system should be initiated, users are encouraged to follow the program development requirements (Section 6) and complete the procedures for hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk mitigation.  If after this procedure is complete, it is determined that actions are needed to reduce the likelihood of injury when the activities are below the minimum height specified in your jurisdiction’s legislation, follow the hierarchy of control (Section 4.4.1) or adopt WAH management system Clauses in this Standard as appropriate based on the level of risk. Document the rationale and decisions.

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