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Designation:CSA IEC TS 62600-4
Review start date:Nov 25, 2021
Review end date:Jan 24, 2022
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
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This part of IEC 62600 specifies the requirements of the technology qualification process for marine renewable technologies. Technology Qualification is a process of providing evidence and arguments to support claims that the technology under assessment will function reliably in a target operating environment within specific limits and with an acceptable level of confidence. The Technology Qualification process is also assumed in 
IEC TS 62600-2: 2019. The objective of this document is to provide the necessary practices and technical requirements, regarding technology qualification methodology, to support the needs of the IECRE certification 
process for marine renewables energy systems. Technology Qualification may be performed at the beginning of the certification process to identify the uncertainties, novelties, and modes of failure, mechanisms of failure, 
risks and risk control measures. In addition, Technology Qualification will identify the standards that are applicable, to what extent and what adaptation to the technology is required to address the risks. The Technology Qualification Plan is the deliverable arising from this process and it will provide all necessary actions to achieve certification. 

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