Draft Details

Designation:HGV 3.1
Review start date:Nov 5, 2021
Review end date:Jan 4, 2022
Contact email:kelly.yaremko(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

This Standard establishes requirements for newly produced compressed hydrogen gas fuel system components, intended for use on hydrogen gas powered vehicles as listed below:

a) check valves;

b) manual valves;

c) manual container valves;

d) automatic valves and automatic container valves;

e) hydrogen injectors;

f) pressure and temperature sensors and pressure gauges;

g) pressure regulators;

h) pressure relief valves;

i) pressure relief devices;

j) excess flow valves;

k) gas-tight housing and ventilation passages;

l) stainless steel rigid fuel lines;

m) flexible fuel lines, hoses and assemblies;

n) filter assemblies;

o) fittings;

p) non-metallic low pressure rigid fuel lines; and

p) discharge line closures.

Note: It is recognized that other components not specifically covered herein can be examined to meet the criteria of HGV 3.1 and tested according to the appropriate functional needs.


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