Draft Details

Contact name:Jon Lee
Review start date:Sep 27, 2021
Review end date:Nov 26, 2021
Contact email:kelly.yaremko(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

This Standard addresses ERAs for Class I nuclear facilities and uranium mines and mills. These facilities include

(a)    nuclear reactors;
(b)   uranium mines, mills, refineries, and conversion plants;
(c)    uranium fuel fabrication plants;
(d)   isotope processing facilities;
(e)    particle accelerators with a beam energy equal to or greater than 50 MeV; and
(f)    waste management facilities.

Note: In this Standard, all of these facilities are included in the term “nuclear facilities”.

Parts of this Standard might also be relevant to ERAs for other facilities such as

(a)    Class II nuclear facilities;
(b)   institutions operating under the authority of a Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices licence; and
(c)    facilities that use or store naturally occurring radioactive materials.

However, in these cases, the holder of the facility licence is responsible for determining the applicability and suitability of this Standard.

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