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Designation:ISO 19903
Review start date:Sep 1, 2021
Review end date:Oct 31, 2021
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
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Draft Scope/Description:

This document specifies requirements and provides recommendations applicable to fixed, floating and grounded concrete offshore structures for the petroleum and natural gas industries and for structures supporting nationally-important power generation, transmission or distribution facility. This document specifically addresses
— the design, construction, transportation and installation of new structures, including requirements for in-service inspection and possible removal of structures,
— the assessment of structures in service, and
— the assessment of structures for reuse at other locations.

This document is intended to cover the engineering processes needed for the major engineering disciplines to establish a facility for offshore operation.

To align Canadian requirements with those of international standards in Offshore Structures (adoption of new edition) This proposed New Edition is being developed at the request of Technical Committee on Offshore Structures (TCK157). It will provide the industry with requirements on Concrete Offshore Structures. This is part of a suite of Standards (CAN/CSA ISO 19900 series) that are used in the design and operation of Offshore Structures in Canada. Offshore structures operate in an environment exposed to the hazards of storms and drifting icebergs. The safety and security of offshore workers requires a secure working environment. The ISO 19900 series offshore structures standards address the basic safety of fixed
and floating offshore structures, requiring a high level of reliability which benefits the safety and well-being of workers on these structures. These requirements also reduce the likelihood of damage to the environment. Safe design and operation Standards also allows Canadian and International Engineers to prevent disasters to the Canadian public and environment.

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