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Designation:C22.2 NO. 250.5
Review start date:Aug 19, 2021
Review end date:Oct 18, 2021
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
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Draft Scope/Description:


1.1 This standard applies to flashlights and lanterns powered by secondary (rechargeable) batteries and general purpose primary (non-rechargeable) batteries with a maximum voltage of 75 V d.c. The terms flashlights and lanterns as used within this standard refer to products that are battery-powered.   

1.2 Flashlights and lanterns that are battery-powered and also powered from a line-voltage supply are also covered within this standard, in accordance with Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), Part I, C22.1, and the National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70, on circuits having a nominal voltage not exceeding 250 V. 

1.3 These requirements also cover automatic flashlights and lanterns which are normally connected to a line voltage supply and, upon loss of the line voltage supply, will turn on the lamp.

1.4 This standard is not used in conjunction with C22.2 No. 250.0.

1.5 These requirements do not cover:

a) Stand-alone battery chargers;
b) Cord and plug connected work lights and hand lights without batteries that are within the scope of UL 153 and C22.2 No. 250.4;
c) Cord and plug connected portable luminaires other than work lights and hand lights, with or without batteries, that are within the scope of UL 153 and C22.2 No. 250.4;
d) Aquarium lighting that is within the scope of UL 1018 and C22.2 No. 250.4;
e) Emergency lighting that is within the scope of UL 924 and C22.2 No. 141; and
f)  Products with ultraviolet (UV) radiation sources greater than “Exempt Group” as specified in IEC 62471 and C22.2 No. 62471.  
g)  Products intended for hazardous locations.

1.6 This standard alone is not intended to apply to permanently installed lighting that is capable of being battery powered, since it will not be sufficient to ensure that all hazards are considered for these products.

1.7 Most requirements for battery operation and charging are incorporated by reference to C22.2 No. 0.23 and UL 2595 and are subject to the limitations of voltage in that standard.

Note: Products operating at voltages in excess of those specified in C22.2 No. 0.23 and UL 2595 may require additional considerations.

1.8 Requirements for all battery operated flashlights and lanterns are specified in Part I. Additional requirements for battery operated flashlights and lanterns that may also be connected to line-voltage supply for any purpose are specified in Part II.

1.9 The terms flashlights and lanterns are considered to be interchangeable and can be referred to as products within this Standard.

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