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Review start date:Jul 13, 2021
Review end date:Sep 11, 2021
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

This Standard specifies requirements for evaluating adhesives used to bond solid wood materials in structural wood products designed for exterior applications.

Note: See Annex C for additional information on exterior exposure and other moisture exposure categories for structural wood adhesives.

This Standard specifies requirements for evaluating the resistance of adhesives to

(a)   shear caused by compression loading, under both wet and dry conditions;
(b)   delamination during accelerated exposure to wetting and drying; and
(c)   deformation under static shear loading during exposure to heat, high humidity, or combined heat and high humidity.

This Standard does not apply to adhesives intended for below-ground, ground-contact, or marine service applications.

This Standard is not intended for the assessment of the effects of chemical treatments of wood on adhesive performance.

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