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Contact name:Candace Sellar
Review start date:Jun 2, 2021
Review end date:Aug 1, 2021
Contact email:kelly.yaremko(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

This Standard applies to occupational diving, hyperbaric facility, and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operations conducted in connection with all types of work and employment and describes the requirements for minimum competency levels for all personnel directly associated with the identified techniques of diving or ROV operations.

Canadian safety and health legislation requires that all workers be competent to perform the work assigned to them. It requires competency in both the theory and use of the type of diving apparatus or ROV employed.

This Standard has been established to provide diver and ROV training facilities and the diving and ROV industry with a uniform minimum level of competency necessary for the various levels of diver and ROV techniques. This level of competency will allow the diver or ROV pilot/technician to safely and competently complete the specific tasks required of occupational divers or ROV personnel.

Note: It is recognized that certain underwater tasks can require specialized codes of practice. It is possible that competency levels that differ from the requirements of this Standard will be acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

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