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This part of IEC 62660 specifies performance and life testing of secondary lithium-ion cells used for propulsion of electric vehicles including battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). 

NOTE 1 Secondary lithium-ion cell used for propulsion of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) can be tested by the procedure either for BEV application or HEV application, according to the battery system design, based on the agreement between the cell manufacturer and the customer. 

This document specifies the test procedures to obtain the essential characteristics of lithium-ion cells for vehicle propulsion applications regarding capacity, power density, energy density, storage life and cycle life. 

This document provides the standard test procedures and conditions for testing basic performance characteristics of lithium-ion cells for vehicle propulsion applications, which are indispensable for securing a basic level of performance and obtaining essential data on cells for various designs of battery systems and battery packs.  

NOTE 2 Based on the agreement between the cell manufacturer and the customer, specific test conditions may can be selected in addition to the conditions specified in this document. Selective test conditions are described in Annex A. 

NOTE 3 The performance tests for the electrically connected lithium-ion cells may can be performed with reference to this document. 

NOTE 4 The test specification for lithium-ion battery packs and systems is defined in ISO 12405-1 and ISO 12405-2 (under consideration) ISO 12405-4 [1]. 

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