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Designation:CSA 3.8
Review start date:Aug 26, 2020
Review end date:Oct 26, 2020
Contact email:beth.george(at)csagroup.org
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1.1 Applicable equipment

This Standard applies to newly produced direct gas-fired crop dryers of the recirculating or non-recirculating type, hereinafter referred to as “dryers”, the primary purpose of which is to provide process heating to dry farm crops. These dryers are used in non-occupied spaces and are constructed of non-combustible materials having input ratings of 20,000,000 Btu/hr (5,861,421 W) or less, constructed entirely of new unused parts and materials. A stacked dryer composed of individual burner units or modules, each having an input rating of 20,000,000 Btu/hr (5,861,421 W) or less, and where each individual burner unit or module is equipped with its own burner control, is also considered to be within the scope of the standard.

This Standard refers to equipment in which heated air is used to reduce the moisture content of farm crops.

The installation is to conform with local codes, or in the absence of local codes, in accordance with the CSA B149.1 and CSA B149.2.

This Standard is intended to cover complete dryers with integral air moving components, i.e., those which are designed by, catalogued by, and built on a repetitive basis by the manufacturer, and those in which the dryer and air moving components are tested as an assembly and available for separate sale.

1.2 Applicable fuel types 

Dryers covered under this Standard are for use:

a) with natural gas; and

b) with propane in the liquid and vapour phase.

1.3 Applicable installation location

This Standard applies to dryers intended for outdoor use only.

1.4 Forced draft burner limitation

This Standard is limited to dryers that are equipped with forced draft burner(s) which rely on combustion air supplied by a mechanical device, such as a fan or blower.

1.5 Construction requirements

The construction of dryers for use with the above-mentioned gases is covered under Clause 4.

1.6 Performance requirements

The performance of dryers for use with the above-mentioned gases is covered under Clause 5.

1.8 Pressure references

All references to pressure throughout this Standard are to be considered “gauge” pressure, unless otherwise specified.

1.9 Measurement units

This Standard contains SI (Metric) corresponding to the yard/pound quantities, the purpose being to allow the standard to be used in SI (Metric) units. (Standard for use of the International System of Units (SI): The Modern Metric System, IEEE/ASTM SI 10 or ISO 80000-1:2009 Quantities and units – Part 1: General are used as a guide in making metric conversion from yard/pound quantities.) If a value for a measurement and a corresponding value in other units are stated, the first stated value is to be regarded as the requirement. The given corresponding value may be approximate. If a value for a measurement and a corresponding value in other units are both specified as a quoted marking requirement, the first stated unit, or both shall be provided.

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