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Review start date:Jun 4, 2020
Review end date:Aug 4, 2020
Contact email:sue.ruscetta(at)csagroup.org
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The scope and requirements of this Standard are fully described in NIST PS 2, except as provided in these Canadian deviations, which add to, replace, or delete provisions in NIST PS 2. The nature of the deviation is indicated in brackets below the referenced clause number. Whereas CSA Group divides its Standards into “clauses”, NIST PS 2 uses the term “section”. The term “section” is accordingly used in these Canadian deviations. Added sections and tables are designated by adding the letter A, B, C, etc., to the applicable NIST PS 2 section or table number and follow the applicable NIST PS 2 section or table (e.g., Section 2.1A follows Section 2.1 but precedes Section 2.2). Added text other than entire sections and tables follows the last sentence in the referenced section.

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