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Review start date:Feb 11, 2020
Review end date:Apr 11, 2020
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Draft Scope/Description:

1                   Scope

1.1      General

This Standard outlines installation and maintenance requirements associated with a number of commonly used ESC measures. In addition, this standard provides general best practice guidance for installing and maintaining ESC measures in conjunction with construction activity, including standardized guidance with respect to adhering to product manufacturer instructions. This standard further provides guidance for evaluating and selecting ESC measures based on intended functionality and site-specific applications.

1.2      Application

The requirements provided in this Standard apply to construction projects or related activities that result in disturbed ground, including excavations, vegetation removal, grading, and development related activities. This Standard also applies where ESC measures are required by contract, permit, approval, regulation, or other authorization. 

The installation of ESC measures shall be preceded by the design of a detailed Erosion and Sediment Control Plan. Once ESC measures have been installed, maintenance of the measures shall be performed to maintain their integrity until such time that stabilization goals have been achieved at the completion of a project phase.

This Standard applies to the installation and maintenance of ESC measures during soil disturbing activities including

earth works (e.g. stripping and grading, clearing and grubbing);

construction of structures (including but not limited to housing subdivisions and commercial centres);

construction of infrastructure (including but not limited to roads, bridges, utilities, sewers, watermains); and

expansion or rehabilitation of any of these facilities or structures.

1.3      Structure

This Standard consists of three parts. The first part provides general requirements for installing and maintaining ESC measures. Secondly, the Standard provides a quick reference guide, arranged by functional need and appropriate application, for a number of commonly applied ESC measures and processes. Finally, for each of the measures and processes covered in the reference table, installation and maintenance requirements are provided.

1.4      Users

This Standard is intended for use by those with a vested interest in ESC elements of construction projects. Stakeholders may include project owners, regulatory authorities, design professionals, qualified erosion and sediment control inspectors, contractors, contract administrators, and other persons interested in the successful installation and maintenance of ESC measures.

In general, this standard is also intended for use where applicable standards aren't currently available.

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