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Review start date:Feb 7, 2020
Review end date:Apr 7, 2020
Contact email:sue.ruscetta(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:


The scope of this Standard is for metadata that describe surface-based monitoring stations in Canada that observe physical, hydrometeorological variables regardless of the duration of the station deployment.

This Standard defines the metadata that are mandatory, conditionally required and optional. The metadata include, but are not limited to, the following categories:

·         Site attributes (e.g. site name, location, reporting frequency, time zone, owner, purpose, maintenance schedule, physical site description, site photographs);

·         Instrumentation and sampling attributes (e.g. information on variables observed, instruments/tools used, location, temporal properties, unit of measurement, frequency of collection, instrumentation maintenance);

·         Data reporting attributes (e.g. format, output, code, schema, formula used, frequency of transmission, processing frequency, resolution, quality control, data processing, data storage).

This Standard also provides guidance on metadata management, including the software system for digital metadata management, governance of the digital database, data transfer methods to the database and training for network operators on how to use the system.

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