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Designation:CSA ISO 10005
Review start date:Nov 20, 2019
Review end date:Jan 20, 2020
Contact email:sue.ruscetta(at)csagroup.org
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Draft Scope/Description:

This document gives guidelines for establishing, reviewing, accepting, applying and revising
quality plans.
This document is applicable to quality plans for any intended output, whether a process,
product, service, project or contract, and any type or size of organization.
It is applicable whether or not the organization has a management system in conformity with
ISO 9001.
This document provides guidance and does not specify requirements.
It is focused primarily on the provision of outputs and is not a guide to the planning of quality
management system development.
NOTE To avoid undue repetition of "process, product, service, project or contract", this
document uses the term "specific case".

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