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Review start date:May 22, 2019
Review end date:Jul 21, 2019
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
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This is an adoption of a New Edition, without deviations, of the identically titled IEC standard.

This part 2 of IEC 61558 applies to stationary or portable, single-phase or polyphase, aircooled safety isolating transformers, associated or otherwise, having a rated supply voltage not exceeding 1000 V a.c. and rated frequency not exceeding 500 Hz, the rated output not exceeding: - 10 kVA for single-phase transformers; - 16 kVA for polyphase transformers.

This standard is also applicable to safety isolating transformers without limitation of the rated output; however such transformers are considered as special transformers and are subjected to an agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. 

The no-load output voltage and the rated output voltage does not exceed: 50 V a.c. r.m.s. and/or 120 V ripple-free d.c. between conductors or between any conductor and earth.

This standard is applicable to dry type transformers. The windings may be encapsulated or non-encapsulated. 

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