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Review start date:Feb 21, 2018
Review end date:Apr 22, 2018
Contact email:sue.ruscetta(at)csagroup.org
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This Standard addresses considerations for adapting wastewater treatment plants (existing, new, or retrofit/upgrade projects) to a changing climate by reviewing climate, regulatory, risk, design, construction, and operations and maintenance aspects.


This Standard provides a user-friendly framework and tool for designers, engineers, and managers to use when designing, constructing, or operating/maintaining WWTPs.

Note: The intention is to provide guidance for extrapolating the use of the tool for other infrastructure projects to assess risk (related to climate change) and rank and prioritize actions to build-in resiliency, redundancy or contingency plans, without indiscriminate overdesign.


This Standard provides guidance on climate change data sources and their usage in determining the impacts on wastewater treatment plants components.


This Standard highlights climate change adaptation measures for building resilience and addressing high risk scenarios.


This Standard applies to the wastewater treatment plant itself, its processes, and property. It does not apply to collection systems feeding into the plant or to disposal receivers.


In this Standard, “shall” is used to express a requirement, i.e., a provision that the user is obliged to satisfy in order to comply with the standard; “should” is used to express a recommendation or that which is advised but not required; and “may” is used to express an option or that which is permissible within the limits of the standard.

Notes accompanying clauses do not include requirements or alternative requirements; the purpose of a note accompanying a clause is to separate from the text explanatory or informative material.

Notes to tables and figures are considered part of the table or figure and may be written as requirements.

Annexes are designated normative (mandatory) or informative (nonmandatory) to define their application. 

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