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Designation:CSA/ANSI Z21.18 • CSA 6.3
Review start date:Feb 13, 2018
Review end date:Apr 15, 2018
Contact email:tarsem.suri(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

1 Scope


This Standard applies to individual gas appliance pressure regulators, which are not a part of a combination control (see Clause 3, Definitions), constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials, hereinafter referred to as regulators, intended for application on individual gas appliances.

This Standard also applies to negative gas appliance pressure regulators (see Clause 3, Definitions). The performance of negative pressure regulators is covered under Clause 6 of this Standard.

Compliance of a device with this Standard does not imply that such device is acceptable for use on gas appliances without supplemental tests with the device applied to the particular appliance design.

Components performing functions other than those of a gas appliance pressure regulator shall comply with the applicable American National Standards.

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