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Designation:B139 Series-15
Review start date:Dec 19, 2017
Review end date:Feb 19, 2018
Contact email:tarsem.suri(at)csagroup.org
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Draft Scope/Description:

B139.1.0-15 - General requirements for large installations

CSA B139.1.0 includes the installation requirements which apply to large oil-burning equipment. This Code covers general requirements applicable to larger-capacity appliances and oil-burning equipment and associated ancillary equipment, installed in multi-unit residential, larger commercial buildings, as well as industrial and institutional buildings. CSA B139.1.1 describes general requirements for the installation of oil-fuelled stationary engines. CSA B139.1.2 describes the general requirements for miscellaneous specialty oil systems not covered by CSA B139.1.0 or CSA B139.1.2.

Smaller boiler, furnace, air heater, and water heater installations commonly found in single-family and two-family dwellings, as well as in small commercial buildings, are installed in accordance with the requirements found in CSA B139.2, Installation code for oil-burning equipment for residential and small commercial buildings.

B139.1.1-15 - General requirements for stationary engines

CSA B139.1.1 concerns the installation of stationary engines and associated ancillary equipment installed in multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings

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