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Designation:CSA Z5000
Review start date:Aug 8, 2017
Review end date:Oct 7, 2017
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

CSA Z5000: Building Commissioning for Energy Using Systems
(Draft for Public Review)

The first edition of CSA Z5000 (Building Commissioning for Energy Using Systems) has been developed to assist the building commissioning industry in assessing whether or not a building is performing as expected for energy and water efficiency goals. It applies to new construction of Part 3 Buildings defined by the National Building Code of Canada.

The Z5000 standard provides requirements for the commissioning of energy and water monitoring systems for usage through the building envelope, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and domestic water systems.

The commissioning process and concepts in Z5000 are based upon CSA Standards Z320-11 (R2016) - Building Commissioning Standard, and CAN/CSA-Z8001-13 - Commissioning of health care facilities and other industry commissioning best practices and guidelines.

The Z5000 standard provides requirements for measuring energy and water use, and ensuring those systems which monitor this use are designed, installed and commissioned so that accurate comparisons between the predicted and actual use of these resources after occupancy can be assessed and presented to the building owners, tenants and the local authorities.

The intended users of this Standard include professionals designing, constructing and commissioning new buildings, building owners, building automation system vendors and stakeholders who have an interest in building related quality assurance (i.e., regulators and Authorities Having Jurisdiction).

The Z5000 Standard may also facilitate compliance in minimum energy/water efficiency requirements in legislated building codes or bylaws.

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