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Review start date:Jul 26, 2017
Review end date:Sep 26, 2017
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1.1 General
This standard provides criteria for the design of blast-resistant window anchor systems for use in new or existing buildings.

1.2 Window types considered
The design criteria included in this standard are intended for anchoring windows with glass types specified in Clause 1.2.1 and frame types specified in Clause 1.2.2, anchored on substrates specified in Clause 1.2.3.

1.2.1 Glass types
a)Thermally tempered or heat-strengthened glass with or without security film installed on the interior surface and anchored to the window frame.

b) Annealed glass with security film installed on the interior surface and anchored to the window frame.

c)Laminated thermally tempered, laminated heat-strengthened, or laminated annealed glass.

1.2.2 Frame types

Punched windows,  Curtain walls,  Ribbon windows

1.2.3 Frame materials

Aluminum. Steel. Wood.

1.2.4 Substrates

Structural steel. Reinforced concrete. Concrete, brick or stone masonry
Any other substrate that can be demonstrated through analysis or tests to be capable of supporting the attached window system, as per Clause 7.0.

1.3 Anchor load transfer
Window retention anchors shall be attached to substrates utilizing one or more of the following force transfer mechanisms:  

Friction; Bearing; and Bond or adhesion.

1.4 Anchors not included
Specially developed anchors that utilize principles of anchorage other than those addressed in 1.3, unless demonstrated by tests as per Clause 7 that they possess the minimum performance requirements of Clause 4


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