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Review start date:Jun 20, 2017
Review end date:Aug 19, 2017
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0           Scope

0.1            Facilities

0.1.1            Types of facilities

This Guideline addresses the I&E monitoring and assessment programs for Class I nuclear facilities.


1.   In this Guideline, any type of Class I nuclear facility is included in the term “nuclear facilities.”

2.  Not all Class I nuclear facilities require I&E monitoring and assessment programs. This Guideline is intended primarily for high-water users and facilities where species at risk might be present, and the applicability of this Guideline would be determined by the user in conjunction with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

3.  Class I facilities include cooling and process types of facilities. The technique to be used for I&E can vary among these types of facilities. Figure 1 illustrates how a potential user might determine the applicability of this Guideline, depending on whether the facility has a cooling water intake structure (CWIS) or process water intake structure (PWIS).

4.  AHJ direction on application for I&E can vary and might depend on the facility’s type of cooling, the presence of species at risk, and the type of mitigation in place at the screen.

5.  Drinking water intake structures are commonly beyond the scope of this Guideline.

6.  This Guideline might not apply to temporary intake structures; applicability can be determined with the AHJ.

7.  For facilities with extraction rates less than 125 L/s, I&E monitoring might not be needed if mitigation measures are employed that are consistent with the DFO Freshwater Intake End-of-Pipe Fish Screen Guideline. Further detail is provided in Figure 1.

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