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Designation:Z21.20/C22.2 NO. 60730-2-5
Review start date:Aug 20, 2021
Review end date:Oct 19, 2021
Categories:Electrical, Energy
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
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Draft Scope/Description:

Scope and normative references

This clause of part 1 is applicable except as follows:

1.1 Scope


This part of IEC 60730 applies to automatic electrical burner control systems for the automatic control of burners for oil, gas, coal or other combustibles intended to be used for household and similar use,

in shops, offices, hospitals, farms and commercial and industrial applications.

This International Standard is applicable

to a complete burner control system,

to a separate programming unit,

to a separate electronic high-voltage ignition source,

to a separate flame detector and

to a separate high-temperature operation (HTO) detector.

to a burner control system intended to be used in warm air heating appliances (furnaces) where the appliance is equipped with an electromechanical differential pressure control to monitor the difference of the combustion air pressure (Type 2.AL). This pressure control provides a switch as an alternative to one of the two switching elements to directly de-energize the safety relevant terminals.


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