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Review start date:Aug 8, 2019
Review end date:Oct 8, 2019
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1 Scope

This Standard covers the integrity management for the lifecycle of wells in the land-based upstream sector of the petroleum and natural gas industry.


The purpose of this Standard is to provide minimum requirements for ensuring well integrity, for the upstream sector of the petroleum and natural gas industry.


The Standard will address

well integrity management framework;


well construction;


intervention; and


Note: Design will be referenced in this document; the details are covered in CSA Z625 Well design for petroleum and natural gas industry systems.


This Standard does not apply to

offshore applications;

shallow water wells;

geo-thermal; and

non-petroleum industry wells.


It is not the intent of this Standard to prevent the development of new equipment or practices, nor to prescribe how such innovations are to be handled.


Where the requirements of this Standard differ from the requirements of other standards or codes referenced herein, the requirements of this Standard take precedence.


The requirements of this Standard do not apply retroactively to existing installations and installations under construction at the time of publication, but they do apply to the extension, replacement, maintenance, and upgrading of such installations.


In CSA Standards, “shall” is used to express a requirement, i.e., a provision that the user is obliged to satisfy in order to comply with the standard; “should” is used to express a recommendation or that which is advised but not required; “may” is used to express an option or that which is permissible within the limits of the standard; and “can” is used to express possibility or capability.

Notes accompanying clauses do not include requirements or alternative requirements; the purpose of a note accompanying a clause is to separate from the text explanatory or informative material.

Notes to tables and figures are considered part of the table or figure and may be written as requirements.

Annexes are designated normative (mandatory) or informative (non-mandatory) to define their application.

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