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Designation:C22.2 NO. 61010-2-010
Review start date:May 14, 2019
Review end date:Jul 13, 2019
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
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Draft Scope/Description:

Scope and object

This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows:


Equipment included in scope


This part of IEC 61010 specifies safety requirements for electrically powered laboratory equipment for the heating of materials, where the heating of materials is one of the functions of the equipment.

Note - If all or part of the equipment falls within the scope of one or more other part 2 standards of IEC 61010 as well as within the scope of this standard, it will also need to meet the requirements of those other part 2 standards. In particular, if equipmen is intended to be used for IVD purposes, it will need to meet the requirements of IEC 61010-2-101.


Equipment excluded from scope

Addition after item j):

a) equipment for the heating and ventilation of laboratories;
b) sterilizing equipment;
c) heating and/or cooling equipment which the OPERATOR is intended to enter, and which is large enough for the OPERATOR to remain inside with the door or doors closed.

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