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Designation:CISPR 11
Review start date:Nov 30, 2018
Review end date:Jan 29, 2019
Contact email:mary.morgan(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

Canadian deviations for CISPR 11 Ed.6.1 (2016-06)

1.1 Scope and object
The limits and methods of measurement laid down in this International Standard apply to industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) equipment as defined in Clause 2, and to electro-discharge machining (EDM) and arc welding equipment.

NOTE The limits have been determined on a probabilistic basis taking into account the likelihood of interference.

In cases of interference, additional provisions may be required.

Procedures are given for the measurement of radio-frequency disturbances and limits are laid down within the frequency range 9 kHz to 400 GHz.

Requirements for ISM lighting apparatus operating in the ISM frequency bands of 915 MHz (only allowed in region 2 as defined by the ITU Radio Regulations), 2,45 GHz and 5,8 GHz are contained in this standard.

Requirements for other types of lighting apparatus are covered in CISPR 15.

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