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Designation:C22.2 No. 204
Review start date:Apr 5, 2017
Review end date:Jun 4, 2017
Contact email:suzanne.gobeil(at)csagroup.org
Draft Scope/Description:

1.  Scope


This Standard applies to line isolation monitors designed to be installed and used as an ancillary part of a single-phase isolated (ungrounded) power distribution system not exceeding 300 V in accordance with the rules of the CE Code, Part I, including any rules that are applicable particularly to anaesthetizing locations and other patient care areas in hospitals and other health care facilities.


This Standard applies to all line isolation monitors and includes requirements for the enclosure in which they are mounted for installation.


This Standard applies to monitors of a kind that are programmed to measure, periodically or continuously, an impedance to ground of each "side" of a single-phase power supply and any connected load and to activate an alarm whenever either or both of these impedances are equal to or less than a preset limit.


This Standard also applies to remote indicators designed to duplicate some or all of the alarm indications that are presented by a line isolation monitor.


This Standard does not include requirements for monitors for installations in hazardous locations, as Part I of the CE Code does not provide for their installation in such locations.

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